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Mr. Xu Bin
Certificate number:220797110184
Tell: 13890123369

Mr. Xu is the member of the Communist Party of China and the Cases supervision legal consulting group of the fourth session of the NPC Standing Committee in mianyang city.Mr. Xu got his legum magister degree in sichuan university and he is a executive director of the lawyers' association.Mr. Xu also got the honorable mention of The second top ten lawyers in mianyang city. Now,Mr. Xu is the senior partner of sichuan bosi law firm.
    Mr. Xu worked as fulltime lawyer since 1993. He has been the legal adviser of over 30 organizations in succession ,including but not limited to Forestry Bureau of mianyang city,mianyang the first textile co.,LTD and mianyang jinsheng business group. He has managed many criminal defenses and civil disputes and received critical acclaim.
Mr. Xu has been rapt in practicing law for many years,with respect-work and industrious spirit. He has been holding on forever that basing on facts and taking law as the criterion and following close to the line of Lawyer's professional ethics and Practice discipline. His belief are keep the promise and do the right thing. Mr. Xu specializes in criminal defense,real estate,finance and corporation counsel.

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