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Legal Advisory Business

(A) The legal adviser of company:
1. Providing legal advice of setting up a company, behalf of application for the registration of registered companies;
2. Providing legal advice of change, cancellation, liquidation of assets of the company, behalf of handling related legal matters;
3. Participating in the company's contract management, major contract negotiations and drafting work;
4. Drafting, reviewing, modifying, creating all kinds of legal instruments and legal documents, contracts, agreements, and letters of intent text related to the project;
5.Participating in such important economic activities relating to corporate interests as the merger, division, investment, leasing, transfer of assets, and bidding , assisting in dealing with related legal matters;
6. Assisting the company in handling trademarks, patents, copyrights, computer software, trade secrets protection and other intellectual property legal services;
7. Giving priority to handling litigation and arbitration once commissioned;
8. Other legal matters commissioned by the company.
 (B) The legal adviser of government:
1. Providing legal advice on major policy decisions of the government, or giving legal argumentation in decision-making on request of the government;
2. Putting forward legal advice on normative views drafted or to be released by the government;
3. Participating in handling such non-litigation disputes as civil disputes, economic disputes, administrative disputes and other disputes involving the government;
4. Participating in the proceedings behalf of government;
5. Assisting the government to review the major economic projects, as well as important legal documents;
6. Assisting the government in the law publicity and education;
7. Providing the government with relevant legal information and legal advice on the problems in the government administration;
8. Participating in government procurement activities, and providing legal protection for the impartiality of the bidding activities once commissioned;
9. Other legal matters commissioned by the government.