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Real Estate Legal Services

(A) The legal services of real estate finance loans:
1. Corporate loans;
2. Second-hand housing loan of individuals buying;
3. Personal loans to help the industry;
4. Housing loans of charging the old to buy new.
(B) Second-hand housing transaction legal services:
1. Providing the appropriate legal advice for the parties to the transaction;
2. Investigating whether the house property has disputes over property rights;
3. Drafting and reviewing the sale of housing;
4. Providing legal services for witness and escrow of purchasing house funds;
5. Services for mortgage business of second-hand housing;
6. Services for transferred mortgage business of second-hand housing;
7. The agent of transfer and change of house property;
8. The agent of housing arrears recovered;
9. The agent of other legal services related to second-hand housing.
(C) Project description of real estate legal services:
1. Project reviewing services before signing;
2. The agent of negotiation and contract signing when purchasing a house;
3. In housing delivery phase, the agent of reviewing whether housing reaches standards of delivery and occupancy;
4. Assisting the buyer to handle procedures of the property rights registration.
(D) The legal services of real estate disputes:
1. Providing the consulting of real estate disputes and the best solutions;
2. The agent of negotiations, mediation, litigation and implementation of real estate disputes;
(E) Providing the legal advices and services of applications, development, construction, sales, and property management of real estate project.